Arapahoe High School Shooting

December 13, 2013

Gematria Numbers: 33, 38, 57, 58

Karl Pierson allegedly walks into Arapahoe High School with a bandolier, shotgun, and molotov cocktails. His intent was to kill the debate coach who kicked him off the team. Instead he walks into the library and shoots Claire Davis in the face, soon after he starts 3 bookshelves on fire. Karl ends up killing himself, and the whole ordeal lasts 80 seconds.



Don't forget the same ol (Police, Masonry, Secrecy equal 33)

For this script....Karl was a skilled orator with a grudge on a warpath. AHS logo is that of an indian.


Date Numerology

Like always Colorado is the 38th state.

Murder, death, killing, and RIP equal 38. The fake shooting lasted 80 seconds, AHS is in Centennial, CO on Dry Creek road.  Anytime the media emphasizes what the "shooter" said it always matches the gematria of the story. Karl said he would "kill that guy".


AHS is home of the warriors. Karl entered the school through the North entrance. Desiree Davis is the name of the Mom of the girl who got killed.

Karl was referred to as a nice young man.


Date Numerology

Coincidentally the name of the shooter and the girl who died in the library both equal 58 in Jewish gematria.

Worth mentioning 347 is the 69th prime number.

A day leaving 18 days remaining in the year. Karl was 18 years old.

Don't forget to roll out the seldom used mobile command center.

(Photo: CBS News)

Thank God for the armored vehicles and heavily armed cops in full gear, even though the shooting lasted 80 seconds. Gotta scare everyone into submission.