Aurora Chuck E Cheese

December 14, 1993

Gematria Numbers: 33, 38, 48

This fake shooting happened in 1993 at a Aurora, CO Chuck E Cheese. Most people know Aurora for the Theater shooting during a midnight showing of the movie Dark Knight. Few people realize false flag events have been staged for a very long time.


Date numerology  of 48

As the script goes Nathan Dunlap suffered from Hypomania and was upset about getting fired as a cook at Chuck E Cheese. So he killed 4 people and wounded one other.....and of course the manager who fired him wasn't even there.

33, here we go again. One of the most common numbers used in false flags.

He worked as pizza cook and got fired.

Anytime the media emphasizes what the alleged shooter said, it always matches the gematria of script. Dunlap told neighbors he would "get even"

Jewish Gematria

Colorado is the capital of fake shootings.

All the usual 33 Gematria.....

Also has date numerology of 38

Colorado is the 38th state.

Colorado, Murder, Death, Killing, RIP all equal 38. See most common numbers.

They say 4 people died in a restaurant.

I don't believe this story or any of the contrived fake shooting stories.