Aurora Theater Shooting

July 20, 2012

Gematria numbers: 38, 39, 58, 59

Everyone knows the story on this one. James Holmes shot up a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado during the premiere of the new Batman movie Dark Knight Rises. James killed 12 and injured 58 in the shooting. In addition he had explosives in his apartment, which took the bomb squad hours to defuse.


Colorado is the 38th state. Murder, death, and killing equal 38 in gematria.

Shooting began at 12:38 AM

Arapahoe County = 163 which is the 38th prime number

Total number of dead+injured =70

The officer who arrested James Holmes was Jason Oviatt, his name matches the gematria of the script as well.

This was a Century 16 theater run by the company Cinemark. Both equal 38.

Shooting left 12 dead


Happened on the 38 N Parallel

Classic lone wolf story, pleaded insanity and couldn't stand trial.

58 - Important number to freemasonry

Masons consider themselves Craftsman

His apartment was booby trapped with explosives....matches the gematria nicely


Date Numerology

Scene was described as "horrific"

James simply gave up outside the theater, even though he had spike strips in his car and was planning to ride off into the sunset while shooting and throwing spikes out his car window as his apartment explodes......makes zero sense.

Worth mentioning

Shooting, Dark Knight Rises, and Aurora Police Officers equal 107

Other strange stuff: