Broncos tight end done for season after fake injury at practice

September 27, 2018

Big sports news out of Denver. Broncos top receiving tight end suffers season-ending injury at practice. This was a non-contact walkthrough. Real injuries do happen in pro sports, butt this injury has gematria that matches the date numerology perfectly. I would love to see the video of this on....

Gematria numbers: 27, 54, 72, 90 216


Perfect date for a fake injury to Butt

This on the 27th day of the month and the 270th day of the year.


Date numerology

Butt suffered the season ending, non-contact injury on a walkthrough

Butt will end the season with 8 catches. Head coach said "he's a great kid".

72, the reflection of 27

He was "gung ho" about football.


Anytime the media emphasize something about a person in the story, it always matches the gematria. He was "gung ho" about football.


I'm fairly new to decoding sports and fake injuries, butt I looked at Jake's birthday to the date of the injury. Happens to be 2 months and 16 days.

The non-contact injury for the "great kid".....

Butt did suffer two torn acls in college. I haven't researched or decoded those, butt this one is totally fake.


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