Broncos Week 3 Recap

September 26, 2018

I was wrong with my Broncos win prediction. The Kabal wanted to hand the Ravens the win for Harbaugh's birthday. I did correctly predict DT as the top receiver, although the Broncos had zero passing TD's.

I did predict the correct score for the winning team.

This was Harbaugh's 163rd career game. 163 is the 38th prime number.

I guess the "questionable" penalties cost Broncos 38 points. The refs are probably part to

Colorado is the 38th state, but this game was played at Baltimore.

I also some overlap between the Aberdeen, MD fake shooting, but thought the Broncos would win.

Joe Flacco became 3-3 vs the Broncos at age 33 and now the Ravens are 6-6 vs the Broncos all time.

Better luck next week in the rigged MNF game.

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