Broncos Week 4 Prediction

September 26, 2018

I'm not gonna shy away from the sports predictions after my first one was incorrect. The more time you spend researching and learning gematria, the clearer the outcomes are.

Chiefs will visit the Mile High City to face the Broncos on Monday Night Football on October 1, 2018.

I watched Mahomes throw all over the field vs the Broncos last season, now he faces the depleted secondary and is on a record pace.

Score Prediction: Chiefs beat Broncos 37-24


  • Chiefs are on a 5 game winning streak vs the Broncos dating back to 2015
  • Chiefs have put up at least 37 points in all of their wins thus far
  • Broncos haven't scored over 27 points yet in 2018
  • 37 is the 12th prime number, Vance Joseph has 12 career losses, this will be his 13th and a 13 point loss at that
  • Broncos injuries on defense

More 37 gematria favoring Chiefs


Date numerology and Chiefs can become 4-0 to start the season


Date also has numerology of 22

Broncos will be 2-2 after this meeting with the Chiefs


This game is loaded with 13 gematriaMahomes comes into the game with 13 TD's

This date leaves 91 days remaining, which is the 13th triangular number

Vance Joseph has 12 careers losses, looking like this will be his 13th


Chiefs are streaking vs Denver and in 2018

Mahomes went to college at Texas Tech

I think he throws 3 TD's to give him 16 on the year

Game will be played in Denver on the 1st day of October


Chiefs are 5-0 vs the Broncos dating back to 2015

Not looking good for Denver in this MNF matchup


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