Car crashes into Edgewater house

December 9, 2018

Just on the surface this story looks fake. What does the decode show?

Obvious questions like:

How fast was he driving?

How did he not suffer any injuries after crashing into a house, flipping the car?

A drunk driver apparently drove through a wall of a house in Edgewater, CO. The car flipped onto it's side and became wedged in the home. There was a woman sleeping inside. West Metro Fire Department, Jefferson County Sheriffs and Edgewater Police responded, they took Kyle Keegan into custody.

Gematria numbers: 63, 75, 81, 119



Address of the crash was 6500 block of W 26th AVE

There was a woman sleeping at the time of the crash, she suffered minor injuries.

The story on 9news mentions it was near the Vietnamese Baptist Church. There is absolutely no reason to even bring this up, but wait it matches the 75 gematria in multiple ciphers.


It was Cpl. Brandon Challis bringing down the facts in this case

Woman suffered minor injuries. Gotta match up keywords to gematria. Because no one cares it was near a Vietnamese church!


September 11th can be read as 11/9

Some Truth gematria matches....

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