Car flies through air and crashes into house

January 17, 2019

I haven't made a new blog post in a few weeks. I was out of town for work and got sick as well.

Plenty of contrived news stories happening in the 303.

I don't even think 9news believes these stories. The first word is "apparently".

9news doesn't even proofread their contrived BS. Should read

"Fairview Parkway" not Fairway. No Biggie Allison

This is the 4th story in less than 2 months about a car crashing into a house. The technology exists to remote control planes and cars. You have to wonder if that is what's happening. I have yet to see a interview from the "crazy driver" from any of these crashes.

Watch the video from DCSO, makes me laugh. The car is speeding and driving straight as an arrow and makes no attempt to turn.

Gematria numbers: 38, 47, 74, 84, 143


Colorado is the 38th state with the 38th parallel that runs through it.

The keyword of the story

Car came from Grace Blvd

Somehow the car damaged the garage of 2 homes

Story out of Douglas County

South Metro Fire (SMF) bringing the facts in this one


They always have to sync it up with the date numerology

Government, Authority, and Contrived also equal 47

Keyword again matches


Reflection of 47

The cross streets where he was speeding

Of course the houses damaged were below street level on Dunning Circle


The street in Highlands Ranch

All about the damage to the roof of the garage

South Metro Fire bringing the truth in this one


Spokesperson from DCSO telling us the facts on a Wednesday

This happened on the 349th day of the year, which is the 70th prime

So lets get this straight.....An 86 year old with medical issues was driving at a high rate of speed, went airborne, damaged two houses and survived the crash. Sounds like BS

Lets hear from the driver please, DCSO.

Most likely a remote controlled vehicle in a contrived news story where they made sure nobody was home at the time and no other traffic in the area.



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