Christmas Tree Shortage blamed on 2008 recession

November 25, 2018

Well, it has been a month since I made a blog post. My sincere apologies....

More news by the numbers from my favorite site 9 Fake news.

This dumb story is about a Christmas tree shortage blamed on the 2008 recession. Less trees were planted in 2008 to save money. Shoppers will need to settle on a shorter size, because apparently there isn't any in the 8-foot range. If you know the truth and want to celebrate the birth of Christ you would learn his real name and correct birthday. Trees in your house is part of a pagan ritual to honor nimrod's birthday. After nimrod died his mother-wife claimed an evergreen tree grew overnight and was the reincarnation of nimrod. Perhaps the truth about X-mas deserves a separate blog post. Stop the foolish pagan rituals people!

Check out the first name of the person who wrote the story "Noel"

A story about Christmas written by Noel....

Who are these people kidding? Who is selling the trees? Mrs. Claus


Gematria numbers: 47, 51, 63, 74


Popular number in gematria used by freemasons to code fake news.

(Government, Authority, and contrived equal 47)

I saw the double date numerology....

Roger Simmermon is the owner of Columbine Christmas Trees giving us the horrible news

74 - Reflection of 47

Also has date numerology of 74


Great name for a guy talking about a Christmas tree shortage


Just another BS fake news story by the numbers


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