Colorado 5A football Championship

November 30, 2018

As I predicted several months ago Cherry Creek would play Valor Christian in the 5A football title game. The game is tomorrow December 1st.

Yes even high school sports championships are rigged and scripted by the numbers. Not any surprise two of the wealthiest areas of the metro area have teams in the title game.

Obvious coding in the time, game number, and seeds.

On a date with double numerology of 13 as well as 31.

If you notice this is game #31 and we have the 1 vs 3 seed or 3 vs 1 depending on how you read it.

Valor comes into the came undefeated at 13-0 for another 13.

Cherry Creek has a record of 12-1 on the date 12/1


The script is for Valor HS to win their 8th football title, the school that follows the teachings of Jesus. The game will be played in Denver.

Did Jesus tell them to rig their school championships?

How many of their titles are legit? Probably not very many. JESUS is disappointed you would use his name for nonsense like this. He is probably even considering not saving their souls.


Also has date numerology of 24 for this rigged game



This game is loaded with gematria of 83

Creek vs Eagles, Bruins are the mascot of Creek, Eagles are the mascot of Valor

Valor is all about Jesus

My prediction the Eagles win the title

83 is also the 23rd prime number. The game starts at 230 PM


Bruins and the school that tries to honor Jesus are cheaters


The rigged game will be played in Denver, CO



A number we see everyday in fake news and scripted sports. This game is no different.

More matching 74 gematria for this game


Head Coach for Valor Ed McCaffrey turned 50 years old on August 17. Which is 106 days to the title game.

Possible headlines for their title game win matches nicely for the 106

Also, 15 weeks and 1 day looks a lot like 151 like Jesus Christ for the Christian school and team that has faith in Christ.

Score Prediction: Valor beats Creek, 31 to 24


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