Colorado Springs Halloween “Rampage”

October 31, 2015

Gematria numbers: 33, 38, 47, 77

This script had 33 year old Noah Harpham going on a shooting spree through downtown Colorado Springs.


Police, Masonry, Secrecy, false flag, gunshots equal 33.

This shooting "spree" in Colorado.


Noah, good name for a person on a killing spree a total rampage that left four dead including two women.


Date Numerology

Happened in El Paso County, shooter had mental health issues, and Noah shot 20 times.

Interesting how Black Friday equals 47 as well...weeks later another mass shooting in CO Springs.


Another fake tragedy put on by the masonic controlled police.

Lt. Buckley would handle the initial investigation before passing it on to the El Paso County Sheriffs office.

CO Springs is also home to the US Air force Academy.

Where are the Paramedics?

Where are the detectives? Shouldn't they be investigating this....nope their not needed, case solved. Nothing to see here people.

I see 10 police cars in this picture.