Columbine Massacre

April 20, 1999

Gematria numbers: 33, 38, 47, 52

Exactly 85 years later to the exact day of the Ludlow Massacre, the infamous Columbine Massacre took place.

Life lesson number

Perfect time for a historic event involving government in Littleton, CO.

47 - number we see again and again


12 students and 1 teacher died

Sheriff John Stone of the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office (JCSO) was in charge of the investigation.

Oldest victim was William Dave Sanders, he just happened to be 47 years old.

33 Gematria

Very important number to freemasonry. We see 33 appear all the time in their false flag events. Colorado also has the 303 area code.

On Hitlers birthday and a national cannabis holiday.

38 Gematria

Colorado is the 38th state and this shooting happened in Littleton, CO.

Murder, Death, and killing all equate to 38 in simple english gematria.

Colorado was the 1st state to legalize recreational marijuana.

Also the same day in history when miners were attacked in Colorado, which happened 85 years prior.

Perfect match in english and Jewish reduction gematria.

I also noticed Neil Gardner was the resource officer assigned to the school at the time. His action correlate nicely with the Ludlow massacre.

46 and 62 gematria

Its reported he was eating lunch in his patrol car when the shooting happened.

The women and children in Ludlow died from smoke inhalation after hiding in a pit under a tent.

But he usually ate lunch with the students....great the only guy armed and ready to stop an active shooter is no where close to the action.

His name also fits nicely with the story.

4.20.1999 also has numerology of 34.

A total of 34 people got injured or killed in the massacre, not including the alleged shooters.

Most of the carnage happened in the library.

By my count 15 out of the 34 victims have the hoax/ritual code of man, son or el in their names.

Often times in false flag events the masons script the story with names that include these ritual codes.

Take a look for yourself.

In conclusion, on the 110th day of the year the biggest conundrum is why it took police so long to enter the school.

Because nobody got hurt or shot. There was no real shooters. It was all just a big active shooter drill.