Copper Canyon FAKE Shooting

This is the FAKE shooting that inspired me to create the 303truth website. Special thanks to Zach Hubbard for his work on this shooting and many other shootings. This FAKE shooting is scripted by the numbers using Gematria, just like all the rest.  The State of Colorado and Douglas County continue to drag out this ritualistic FAKE shooting of epic proportions. Award ceremonies, commercials, soliciting money from strangers, scripted HS sports, connections to Denver Broncos and likely more. Another active shooter drill passed off as real news. Never a motive in any of the FAKE shootings.

(Photo Source: CNN)

  • Roll out the old Douglas County command center that sits in their parking lot with a full tank of gas and collects rust
  • Lots of people standing around in a parking lot down the street (they all know this a drill)
  • Where are the paramedics?

(Source: CNN, AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Douglas County

  • Wealthiest County in Colorado (Median Family Income)
  • In 2008, ranked as 8th wealthiest in US
  • 93% White
  • About 20 minutes south of Denver

Gematria numbers : 33, 38, 43, 47

Copper Canyon (C is the 3rd letter) = 3.3

Date Numerology:

12.31.17 = 12+31+17= 60 (Police, Order)

12.31.2017 = 12+31+20+17 = 80 (Tragedy)

12.31.2017 = 12+31 + (2+0+1+7) = 53 (Shooting)


Happened on the final day of 2017

1 killed, 7 injured

Went down at the Copper Canyon apartments, victims taken to Littleton Adventist Hospital. I’ve seen many “victims” taken to this hospital in the fake shootings.


Happened in the 303 (Denver Area Code)

This contrived story likely put on by freemasons where they want the public to believe a policeman was killed in Douglas County (43) at the Copper Canyon apartments on a Sunday.


Colorado is the 38th state, the first reported FAKE shooting happened in Ludlow, CO which is directly on the 38th parallel by the way.


This contrived story happened on 12/31 which equals which has date numerology of 43. Went down in Douglas County, put on by the Douglas masons where Matt Riehl (Univ. of Wyoming graduate) killed a policeman.

Note: I’m not sure if they actually are referred to as name of the lodge + masons, but the gematria of the script matches perfectly for Douglas masons.

34, reflection of 43

Murder of a Cop, facts reported by Sheriff Spurlock

44, date also has numerology of 44

1 dead+ 7 injured =8


Whole premise of this story is how the police were ambushed, but body cam footage shows officers busting down the door without a warning and entering the apartment without a warrant or rifle-proof shield.

Other familiar 44 gematria


47, is big number in this contrived story. Happened less than mile from C-470. It’s sheriff Spurlock the man in authority, not to mention the officer who perished has middle name of Spurlock. This story has connections to the Christian religion. It was Valor Christian HS that had to be shut down to allow for additional parking space for this giant ritual and media spectacle, that was the memorial service that was held at a Christian church.

74, reflection of 47


DCSO was started in 1861


Memorial Service

(Photo by Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post)

  • I-25 had to be shutdown for 18 miles for funeral procession
  • Nice weather high of 59 degrees that afternoon
  • Less than a week after the shooting
  • Held at Cherry Hills Community Church on Grace BLVD, led by Gracie Parrish


Tony Spurlock – 33rd Sheriff for D.C, also 33 years working as policeman, lol

The sheriff’s last name is the same as the “fallen” officer’s middle name. Not strange at all….

Spur – activation, catalyst

Perish – to die from violence

“Parrish” sounds exactly like Perish

Zackari Spurlock Parrish

Gracie Parrish (wife of fallen officer)

Gracie = 38 (Reverse Reduction)

Matt Riehl, pronounced Real (whole thing was fake)

Memorial was held at Cherry Hills Community Church on Grace BLVD. Valor Christian High School is also on Grace BLVD, which had to be closed to allow for additional parking during this massive ritual.

Valor – boldness or determination in facing great danger, especially in battle; heroic courage; bravery:


Denver Broncos

Sure looks like a perfect script to hand the 5A HS state football championship to Valor Christian. The school and community was so affected by this FAKE shooting. Let’s not forget after the FAKE shooting at Columbine HS in Littleton, Colorado their football team went on to win the obviously scripted and rigged state championship game.

Check out the video here.

Wonder if their going to wear patches on the uniforms or honor officer Zack Parrish who perished some other way.

I’ve always known the shooting were fake. Then last year I learned how the sports leagues, high school up to pros are scripted and are connected to these false flags. The freemasons and jesuits love to hand their scripted league championships to the communities affected by their false flag events.

It was announced 38 days later Ed McCaffery is the new head football coach at Valor Christian High School. His son Christian McCaffery attended Valor Christian HS was selected at #8 by the Carolina Panthers. Carolina just happens to be the team the Denver Broncos defeated in a rigged and scripted Super Bowl 50. Worth mentioning the Denver Broncos have won 8 AFC championships.

Valor Christian opened in 2007 and has won 7 football championships. If they win in 2018 it will be their 8th title. In addition, Valor has total of 29 state championships across all sports…wonder how many of those are legit.

This script is all about the 1 killed and 7 injured in a FAKE shooting. 1+7=8

What better team to play in the title game than Cherry Creek (C is the 3rd letter, for another 33). The head coach for Creek is Dave Logan, one of the best football coaches in Colorado HS sports history. Dave Logan broadcaster for the Denver Broncos and his former partner Ed McCaffrey knows a thing or two about scripted leagues. If Cherry Creek wins it will be Dave Logan’s 8th title as a head football coach in Colorado. Just last year (2017) Cherry Creek beat Valor Christian in the 5A title game (can’t find the final score for the 2017 game).

The 2018 5A Colorado High School football championship game is on December 1, 2018

Date Numerology:

12.1.18 = 12+1+18 = 31 (Valor)

51, shares date numerology of last years fake shooting in Douglas County

12.1.2018 = 12+1+ (2+0+1+8) =  24 (Creek)

12.1.2018 = (1+2+1+2+0+1+8) = 15 (Broncos Division Titles = 15, Matt Riehl had 15 guns in his apartment)

Looks like Valor Christian Eagles will defeat the Cherry Creek Bruins in the football championship.

Once you start using common sense and learning gematria its become quite  obvious how rigged and scripted sports are.

Updated December 2018