Cops shooting it up like it’s the Wild West

January 17, 2019

A lot of shootings recently in the 303

Plural of gematria

Today has numerology of 57, giving us the "10th" shooting

44 and 53

4+4=8 and 5+3=8  for those 8 shootings

Don't forget 5 injured and 3 dead

Same old story.....

Today also has 48 numerology

Today's shooting in Fort Lupton.....

Notice the time and location. 1:40 PM on 14th street

The "19th" incident response team huh.....

Chaos equals 19 as well

Masonry controls police


No cops killed in these shootings

I haven't decoded any of the previous shootings besides today's, but I'm sure they sync up with the gematria. Because they always do.

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