CU Boulder Machete Man shooting

October 5, 2016

This fake story is out of Boulder, Colorado. On the CU Boulder campus.

As the story goes, Brandon Simmons was writing on a car with a red marker, he then followed a "patient" into the Champions Center with a machete. Mr. Simmons was shot and killed by police after being confronted.

Brandon had a machete with a 31 inch blade.

Date has numerology of 31, patient also equals 31.

Gematria numbers: 28, 33, 38, 42, 44, 51


Brandon was 28 years old with a machete in Boulder, CO.


Same old gematria....

Lets not forget this went down in Boulder on the CU campus....some jewish gematria

Great month for this to happen....

38 - the oh so repetitive gematria for the 38th state best false flag events

The confrontation happened in the stairwell....Police Chief Zak brought the truth in this ordeal

42 - date numerology matches the people and place involved

44 - we see this number a lot in fake news

Remember cops had to shoot Simmons seventeen times from 10 feet away....geez spend some time practicing at the range

17 shots fired by CUPD

Happened at the Champions center on the 4th floor on a Wednesday


Police spokesperson Scott Pribble helped bring the facts in this case to the public.

Boulder cops confronted the 28 year old Simmons on the Boulder campus

(screenshot: foxnews)

Happy the cops saved the day in this one