Denver Broncos Week 3 Prediction

September 20, 2018

I'm fairly new to the study of gematria, but you learn the code, read the headlines and with practice it gets easier to see through the lies everyday.

Thought it might be fun to start predicting the outcome of Colorado scripted sports.

Broncos at Ravens

September 23, 2018

Score Prediction: Broncos win 27 to 17

Story: #58 Von Miller has a great game and goes from 4 teams to 3 for opponents who he has never sacked

DT has a good game and finds the end zone, fueled by Keenums solid play at QB (DT and Keenum both 30 years old, Broncos can start the season 3-0)

Date numerology of 43

This is Case Keenum's 43rd career game, 43 is the 14th prime number.

Keenum comes into this week 3 matchup with 3 touchdowns and 4 interceptions, also has a long pass of 43 yards. His poor play is all over the Denver headlines and week 3 previews.

I think the Broncos get their 2nd all time win in Baltimore.

34 - the reflection of 43

If the Broncos win they will be 3-0

Keenum is 30 years old is from Texas.  Broncos primary colors are orange and navy blue.

Date numerology of 32

Keenum played college ball at Houston Demaryius Thomas is also 30 years old, I think he has a good game and is Keenums top target on Sunday.

Big part of the script for Sunday is how Von Miller is playing against 1 of only 4 (another 14) teams that he hasn't sacked the QB.


#58 Von Miller has a big game

I also think Broncos nail 2 field goals

What about that Ravens offensive line.....well Miller gets to face off against a guy with a hurt arm and another player who doesn't know the position. This could be very bad for Joe Flacco.

September 23rd leaves 99 days remaining in 2018.


I also think Denver scores 3 total touchdowns, Case might have 3 TD's and 0 Int

As for the 38, Colorado is the 38th state

Broncos referred to Von Miller as their "bell cow"

Other interesting gematria

Ten Point Win = 57

Orange Rush = 57

Orange Crush=57

Broncos Win = 57 (reverse reduction)

Denver = 33 (jewish reduction)

Colorado = 33 (jewish reduction)

Demaryius Thomas has a birthday 3 months and 3 days from this game



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