Fake death of a cop

January 18, 2019

Another story that makes no sense.

If this were a real story about a cop being killed by a cop, they would never release this information to the public. And ask the public for help to solve the crime. WTF?

His name looks fake. Lots of J's and E's going on.....


Gematria numbers: 38, 52, 58, 62, 85


Colorado is the 38th state and fake kills people all the time in the news

Murder, Death, Killing and RIP equal 38 in gematria

This story on a day with 38 numerology

Who is bringing the facts in this one?

Cop who died worked from Adams County Sheriffs Office


Because he failed to stop....


When I saw Friday had 58 numerology I knew the cops would put out some fake news

Jesse Jenson died on Friday



Reflection of 58, chase occured on HWY 85


Off Duty deputy was from Adams County

The news from Greeley PD coming on 1.18

What about this makes sense?

Don't the police have body cams?

Don't they have vehicle cameras?

Weren't the cops involved in the shooting?

How do they not know what happened?

Why are they asking the public for help?

Isn't it the cops job to figure this stuff out on their own?





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