Fake Shootings

Obviously FAKE shootings

  • Media has exclusive access and reveals information as the crime is actually going on
    • Most important thing in these FAKE shootings is the mainstream media coverage
  • No ambulances or paramedics
    • Victims are transported to hospital in police cars
    • Because they are needed to stay on call for "real" incidents
  • No detectives
    • Never any testimony from detectives that solved the case
  • Little or no forensic investigation
  • Training and drills going on at the same time or previously held at same location
  • No real witnesses
    • Witnesses are quick to be interviewed by media
    • We see the same people involved with separate FAKE shootings
  • If a "real" crime actually happened, police would not reveal information to public or media out of respect to the families and to keep the integrity of the investigation
  • Connections to social media that can't be verified, and anyone can create an account and say their someone else
    • Bunch of vague generalizations
  • No motives
  • Background stories only go back a year or two for both shooters and victims
  • Communities affected by tragedies are handed scripted sports championships
  • Always coded with Gematria by the numbers
  • Family members of "victims" quickly solicit money from strangers on social media, days after when they should still be grieving and the police investigation should still be taking place
  • No real police work ever takes place
  • Lots of people just standing around
  • They love to give catchy names to the fake shootings.....rampage, massacre, killing spree, dice game shooting
  • A lot of times victims and shooters are connected or portrayed as war veterans
  • Obviously not about gun control or mental health
  • Same played out narrative for nearly every shooting
    • White male mid 20's or early 30's with no reason for shooting people
    • Nearly always in upper-middle class suburbs with a population makeup of 90% white
  • "Shooter" often kills himself or shot dead by police
    • Tag it and bag it, move on to the next city, school, or scene of next FAKE shooting
  • Not a single cell phone video or picture of the shooting happening, yet teenagers can't go 5 seconds without checking their phones, not one person pressed the record video button. Since most of these shootings take place where young people are like schools, movie theaters, music venues.
    • Now hundreds of hoax shootings
    • Only video I could find is this body cam footage of the infamous Copper Canyon shooting (that made me laugh out loud)
  • 15 out of 17 "shooters" are white
  • 9 out of 17 "shooters" die on scene


Colorado FAKE Shootings

How crimes are solved (found this job description on Adams county careers website)

  • Responsible for the recognition, identification, documentation, and scientific collection of physical evidence pertinent to the investigation of a criminal act.
  • Examines evidence items to discover, preserve, collect, photograph, and identify samples for analysis.
  • Performs presumptive testing, confirmatory testing and DNA analysis on evidence items.
  • Collects trace evidence.
  • Interprets the scientific data gathered and prepares meaningful reports in a manner to be presented to a judge and jury in a court of law.
  • Prepares detailed reports and documentation for investigative use and court proceedings.
  • Prepares, processes and maintains a variety of written reports and records pertaining to lab processes and activities.
  • Documents, handles, packages, and receives evidence to maintain chain of custody in accordance with established forensic practices under state and federal laws.
  • Appears in court as an expert witness as required.
  • Instructs others in forensics, DNA evidence collection, and provides training seminars, to include outside law enforcement agencies under mutual aid requests.


  • When does any of this take place in the fake shootings?
    • It does not, crimes are solved before they even happen
  • Crimes are solved using social media, vague generalizations, and paid government actors accounts of the scripted show



Don't think it's for gun control, nearly every fake shooting portrays the "shooter" with mental health issues. They wanBeen going on for decades

Guns purchased legally in the fake shootings, and never illegally

Can never take the knowledge and technology to build guns

Does nothing to affect illegal gun sales

Government could drive a fleet of tanks through your house and take everything you own, including your gun safe

Been shown to increase gun sales after mass shootings

Government is too lazy to "come and get your guns"

Contrived propaganda, and gun control is part of the script

If all the mainstream media reported shootings are fake, then why would they need to take your guns

Is the Government expecting a bunch of active shooter situations, when everyone finds out the TRUTH?

What has the Govt. accomplished, more comprehensive background checks, limits on ammo and magazine sizes