13 cars had their tires slashed in Lakewood

Saw this news story about tires being slashed on 9news.com. I grew up in Lakewood, Colorado and know the area well.

Its not all scripted sports leagues and fake shootings in the media. Even local news is contrived.

Happened in the Belmar area, which is right across the street from the Lakewood Police Department. There are several apartment units, bars, restaurants, and retail stores nearby. Happened between 2-5 AM and of course nobody saw a thing. What a surprise no surveillance footage captured the crime. Kinda sounds like all the hundreds of fake shootings where not a single cell phone video or security camera footage has surfaced. Another thing I noticed was the two authors Janet Oravetz and Sonia Gutierrez. Do they really need two people to write a half paragraph for a contrived news story, that can hardly be considered news at all? A lot of times the author of the story matches the gematria of what the story is about.

Numbers Game: 47, 49, 61, 68, 74, 83, 88

Janet is the 1st author reporting that tires were slashed on cars that were randomly targeted in the Belmar Area right next the Target Store.

Its all about these 13 people that woke up to their tires being flat. Yet 9news only managed to interview 1 victim. Dennis Jones who apparently lives near Upham Street. This guy can’t stop smiling in the video interview. What’s so Funny Dennis? Thought it ruined your day. Lakewood PD is investigating. Probably have all the top detectives in the department on this one….

This contrived story is about property damage due to flat tires on cars that were randomly targeted across the street from the Target Store near West Center Avenue.

It was obvious why the story had two authors. Sonia Gutierrez reported live from Belmar in Lakewood, Colorado.

Police are investigating these flat tires, yet all the mass FAKE shootings are solved before an investigation even takes place. Real police work takes time and effort.








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