Florida State defeats University of Washington in Women’s College World Series

I was planning on covering news from Colorado but once you start learning gematria it doesn't take much time to decode rigged sports and fake news.

In addition, I umpire girls fastpitch softball and was watching this game at the gym last night.

Gematria - 22, 38, 49, 83,

First I noticed the #6 seed defeated the #5 seed on 6/5.

The score was 8 to 3 or 3 to 8 depending on how you read it.

This was the 2018 WCWS. (20+18=38)

This was the Seminoles 11th appearance in the WCWS and 1st title.

Seems that FSU and UW were the perfect teams for this event on this date. Exact matches in both English and Full Reduction.

So Meghan King was the winning pitcher on 6/5 which leaves 209 left in the year 2018. Also kinda funny University of Washington is located in King County. Meghan King wears #48.

If you don't think even girls college sports are rigged and scripted. The MOP (Jessie Warren) and her stats could not be any more obvious. She hits her 83rd (FSU won 8 to 3) career home run and 22nd (date numerology)  of the season.

There is always more to research in rigged sports. Its fun to see how the players jersey numbers and coaches birthdays are synced up.




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