Fort Collins massage therapist in trouble

December 6, 2018

In October Mark Struckmeyer allegedly touched two women in their "intimate" areas. He is 33 years old and facing four counts of unlawful sexual contact. For some odd reason this is being reported in the news today.

Gematria Numbers: 33, 47, 73, 98, 113


A Felony that was committed in October for touching clients sexually

The suspect Mr. Mark Struckmeyer is 33 years old


Same old, government, authority, contrived equal 47 as well

On a date with 47 numerology

The reporter from 9news who wrote the story, her first name also equals 47


He worked at the Spavia Day Spa in Fort Collins


521 is the 98th prime number


Mainstream, dishonest, illusion and more all equal 113

Detective investigating the case....


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