Fort Collins Sunstone Apartment Shooting

October 19, 2017

Gematria numbers: 28, 33, 39, 44, 66

Here is another example of a fake shooting contrived and put on by free masonry.

As the script goes, Savannah McNealy was celebrating her 22nd birthday in October of 2017 with some friends. After returning home to the Sunstone Apartments in the early morning hours her lover fatally shot her another person before killing himself.

Has date numerology of 21

Its reported 12 shots were fired. 12 is the reflection of 21.


Also 3 people died and 3 guns were used.

33 - One of the most important numbers to freemasonry that we see again and again in false flags.

Happened in Colorado where 3 people were wounded by gunshots fired by Michael at the Sunstone Apartments that are located on City Park Ave.

Big part of this story is about McNealy who was an art major at CSU and loved Jesus.

Also has a life lesson number of 39 which is the most important in date numerology.

Happened at the Sunstone apartments, put on by the Fort Collins Police. Fort Collins is sometimes referred to as FOCO.

This murder happened right near the CSU campus from multiple gunshots being fired at the Sunstone Apartments.

44 Gematria

Gunfire rang out at an apt complex west of campus on a Thursday at the Sunstone apartments. A staff sgt ambushed McNealy and began shooting.

And of course no motive, because it's all fake and contrived. No need to write a motive into the script. Whole thing is about the media coverage like in all the fake shootings.

Also has date numerology of 28

Another thing I noticed is how the memorial service is all scripted using gematria as well. Memorial was 4 days later and started at 1:30 PM.

1 Injured + 3 Dead = 4

The location in Centennial, CO on University BLVD. Colorado is known as the Centennial state, McNealy was a University student.

In this story by CBS 4 News the word creative is used to describe McNealy a total of 4 times, not by accident.

(3 dead + 1 Injured =4)

Murder, Death, Killing all equal 38 in Gematria. Colorado is the capital of fake shootings.

As for the 66 Gematria

Date Numerology of 66

McNealy was a senior at CSU and was instrumental in the Ram Walk design with the primary feature being an orange stripe. She was also from Douglas County (giant shadow government), see my work on the Copper Canyon shooting.

Oh, lets not forget there was one person who did not DIE in the shooting, Megan DIEker. Who are these people fooling with their contrived tragedies and obvious fake names.

Not True, Fiction, and Bullshit all equal 113.

Shooting happened at 720 City Park Ave, Colorado has a 720 area code.

McNealy was a Ram celebrating her 22nd birthday.