Frazee circus continues, FBI needs serious help

December 23, 2018

In the ongoing Patrick Frazee completely fake murder case. Today the FBI asked a local police department in Idaho for help.

Nothing about this story makes any sense at all.

All coded by gematria most likely by the FBI

Gematria Numbers: 17, 19, 67, 113, 303

17 and 19

Good date to get the FBI in the news cycle


Freemasonry, Secret Society both equal 58

Check out the name for the cop in ID "processing the evidence"

Look at the name of the Police Chief in Colorado bringing the facts. I've decoded the connections to the local masonic lodge.

Of course they are searching for:

Look what else matches:

Just another fake murder story passed off as real news



Heavy 67 coding, which happens to be the 19th prime number

CBI has investigate in their name...

Isn't it their job to "process evidence"?

Have to CBI included in this propaganda

Story is all about the "Mom" the one who went missing and the talking head for the family fake name equals "Cheryl Berreth"

Remember Kelsey worked for a government contractor "doss aviation" she probably got on a plane and was handed new ID card

Where is Patrick Frazee being held?


mainstream, dishonest, not true all equal 113

All about that property.....


I was wondering how the FBI would tie up the Idaho connection

Kelsey sent a text to her government employer in Idaho saying she wouldn't be in to work

I only use the Franc Baconis cipher for words that need to be capitalized like names and places

303 is the area code for Colorado


Some additional gematria:


Good date for these details


Chief Craig Kingsbury getting involved in the propaganda machine


This sums it up

Kelsey Marie Berreth equals 188 in Jewish Reduction

This is connected to the Ute Pass Masonic Lodge #188


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