Freshman Girl from Roosevelt HS charged with false reporting

December 6, 2018

This fake news story out of Weld County has been going on all week. Today they charge and arrest a freshman girl for making false reports. The story is centered around a teacher Noland Eastin who was disciplined for several violation. Students planned and executed a walkout in support.

How many students know this is a contrived story by the numbers?

Gematria Numbers: 27, 36, 47, 63, 76, 194

Today is 12/6, or 126, they arrest the "Freshman Female"


Double date numerology

These hoaxes are being taking seriously as the crime is "a felony"

72, the reflection also has key words matching the gematria for this contrived story


Date numerology

She was charged and arrested...

The reflection 63

The false bomb threats are being treated as a misdemeanor and felony


All the same we see day after day. Government, Authority, and Contrived equal 47

The reporter's from 9news first name also has 47 gematria

The name of the teacher who the students are supporting, even the graphic on 9news has a sign saying "keep Noland"

Name of the High School in the respective county



More fake news by the numbers. End the Masonic controls in media please.

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