Gematria is the practice of coding numbers into words. In the beginning YAHUAH (GOD) spoke everything into existence using gematria. Where A=1 and Z=26 as the English Ordinal cipher. The reverse ordinal cipher is the opposite where A=26 and Z=1. The fourth book of the TORAH is called numbers. The ruling elite which includes freemasons, jesuits, zionist jews and many others connected to secret societies use this code for their fake news. I'm fairly new to decoding and understanding how they use it everyday in sports, news, politics, and much more. In my research I stick to the four base ciphers. I saw the Copper Canyon shooting take place in Douglas County, Colorado in the local media. I watched Zach Hubbard's video on this event and the related numbers which were used in this FAKE shooting and wanted to start my own blog. Colorado is the capital of hoax shootings, which are all coded using gematria. I spent about 10 minutes researching this event using gematria and it became apparent all hoax shooting in Colorado are scripted using this code. Anyone can use the gematrinator calculator to quickly see how seemingly random events are anything but random.

Please visit Derek and Zach's websites to learn more about Gematria.


Truth in music

Check out these song lyrics, musicians obviously have a clue as to what's really going on.