Gilpin County Campsite Murder

November 30, 2018

27 year old Jeff Maynard was sentenced to 44 years in prison today for killing a 62 year old man from Illinois. Jeff Cumby was murdered last September.

Gematria numbers: 38, 41, 43, 59, 74


Colorado is the 38th state and often has attention focused on fake murder stories. This one is no different.

The victim was 62 years old when he was killed.


Maynard got his sentence today for strangling a man at a campsite.

The killers name matches nicely for the date numerology and act of killing he performed.


Also has date numerology of 43

Some nice reverse reduction matches for the fake story in Colorado


The names also match another calculation of the date numerology


A number we see again and again

Jeff was strangled in Rollinsville, Colorado




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