June 4, 2018 Dancing FBI agent allegedly involved in accidental shooting

In a state with over 5 million people, the top story on 9 FAKE news is about this dancing FBI who accidentally shoots someone. Nothing else going on in the state of Colorado worth reporting.

  • Just another ridiculous bullshit story contrived by masons put on by the mainstream media
  • Watch the video, this guy is dancing quite aggressively. Its like he wants his gun to fall out of his waistband
  • The back flip at the end will ensure his gun is flung from his waistband
  • At the end the FBI agent doesn't seem too concerned about anyone being shot, instead he is looking for applause from the crowd
  • Hard to tell if this is CGI or just a group people involved with other FAKE shootings in Colorado, only in this scenario they are allowed to drink alcohol

What about the obvious questions like:

  • Why did he even have his gun while off duty?
  • Does the FBI not issue holsters with their weapons?
  • Why is this the top story on 9news?
  • Why would he try to pickup the gun by the trigger?


Date Numerology:

Allegedly happened on June 2nd at 12:45 AM (12+45=57)

Perfect date for story involving an FBI agent who shot someone on Saturday morning. Story is an obvious Lie.

Gematria - 51, 53, 71, 100

Chase Bishop is the perfect man for this contrived story about a FBI agents gun falling out of a waistband. Anastasiya Bolton the reporter from 9news to cover this accidental shooting that happened early on Saturday.

This story is about an dancing off-duty FBI agent. Happened in the Mile High City at Mile High Spirits.

More Gematria involving 34, 43, 38, which are common numbers that show up again and again in Colorado shootings. All about an injury to the lower leg from a firearm being dislodged because of poor dancing skills happening in Colorado the 38th state on June 2nd.


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