Ludlow Massacre

April 20, 1914

Gematria numbers: 33, 39, 51, 52, 55

Ludlow Massacre Wiki Page

It sure looks like this was the first fake shooting in Colorado.

Known as one of the deadliest labor conflicts in American History. Apparently the National Guard and the Colorado Fuel and Iron company guards attacked striking miners and their families in Ludlow, Colorado. The coal miners were trying to get fair wages, 8-hour work days, improved working conditions and more. Please read and do your own research on this event.

Date Numerology 39

Gematria of 39 for the massacre.

Story is about coal miners also called colliers. There was bloodshed by federal troops and guardsmen when they slaughtered miners in Ludlow, CO.

Colorado is a spanish adjective for red.

Also date numerology of 38.

Colorado is the 38th state in the union. This massacre involving miners happened very close to the 38 North parallel.

Jewish Gematria

We see the number 38 appear often in fake shootings. Has strong connections to death in Colorado.

Happened in 1914

19+14 = 33

Secrecy, Federal, False flag, order and Masonry also equates to 33 in full reduction gematria.

51 Gematria

Governor of CO at the time

Slaughter happened in a company town. The colliers were killed in a mass shooting. The women were killed by suffocation after hiding in a cellar under a tent during a fire storm.

52 Gematria

Government attacked miners in Las Animas County in a training operation that was portrayed as a tragic event.

55 Gematria

Julia Courtney did her own research and some how concluded 55 people died in her article Remember Ludlow.


Also worth mentioning Ludlow, CO is on the 104 West parallel.

Marie Padilla is the oldest know surivor of the event. She celebrated her 104th birthday in January of 2018. Here is why 9 fake news covered this.

Her name matches nicely with the 51 gematria. Her 104th bday pairs nicely with the 52 gematria as well.




Major Red Flags:

  • John Rockefeller Involvement (owner of the mine)
  • One eyewitness memoir (Mary O'neal)
  • Conflicting stories of people involved and number of deaths
  • Right near the 38th North parallel
  • Day of the year April 20th, same day as the infamous Columbine Massacre. National Pot holiday, Colorado was the 1st state to legalize marijuana