Micah Flick Sheriffs Deputy Killed

In the ongoing saga of fake shootings in Colorado. One more decode for all the truthers out there. The fake shootings seem to have deeper gematria coding. He just happened to die on the exact day of his 11-year anniversary with the El Paso County Sheriffs.

Happened on February 5, 2018

Gematria numbers: 27, 45, 50, 60, 75



Lots of 45 connections in this one

Holy Bible also equals 45

Micah was a "god fearing man"


Micah had 7 year old twins, one boy one girl


He left behind his twins, one boy one girl

3 others were wounded in the shootout, hahahahaha


Bill Elder bring the facts in this one

EPCSO has a mission statement of "honest loyal united"

Micah had "7 year old twins" 7 and 7

To bring it altogether, the funeral was held at New Life church in CO springs. I decoded another fake death/shooting that happened at the same church

Probably more to decode on this one but I have a hunch they roll out more fake shootings. Stay Tuned