More sex in the headlines, this time an Art Teacher is under investigation

September 26, 2018

Another bullshit from the Douglas County Sheriffs Office in Colorado. This time in Parker an Art teacher is accused of having unlawful sexual relations with young women. If this were a real story, there would be no reason to report this in the mainstream media. They would have respect for the victims, suspects, and their families. But this shadow government state and the fake news networks are all about sex in the headlines this last week of September.

Plus all the gematria of the names and places matches the date numerology perfectly, like always.

Gematria numbers: 26, 35, 47, 53, 55, 57, 73


On the 26th day of the month we have this bogus story out of DC


Double Date numerology

Bullshit story, real name of the middle school


Apparently a complaint was filed on August 30th, a date with 47 numerology. But for some odd reason they let him teach before placing him on leave today.


One of my favorite fake news reporters for 9 false news the great Allison with top notch work on this one


Date Numerology



On the 269th day of the year we have more fake sex news

269 is the 57th prime number


Date numerology and lots of matching gematria

It was Lori Bronner from the DCSO bringing the facts on this case for everyone to know

Ron is now on paid leave


Some 33 gematria for this story out of Parker, Co

Ron, was a teacher at the school since 1991. How long was he having sex with student during that time?

I hope to God, the DCSO has all the top detectives working this case. Maybe they can help the victims get $2 million each, like the Cherry Creek School district awarded earlier in the week.

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