One kid shot outside Denver middle school

August 28, 2018

I was working on my Ludlow and Columbine massacre research when I decided to take a look at the 9 fake news website.

Its reported that a boy was shot outside a Denver middle school.

Life lesson number of 47

Government, Authority, and contrived all equate to 47.

47 is also the 15th prime number

Gematria: 15, 33, 47


Date was right for a story involving Denver Police Department (DPD), Denver Public Schools (DPS), a gun, and a kid at Cole Middle School (CMS)


We see this number come up again and again in false flags.

Funny how Cole MS is on 33rd avenue, their mascot is the dragons, and students were released at 3:30 PM after being on lockdown.

I wonder if those people at the news conference really think anyone was shot...and police are still looking for the suspect. Yeah ok, sure they are.




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