Patrick Frazee arrested for murder

December 21, 2018

Today, in a move that surprised zero people. Patrick Frazee was arrested for murder. Because everyone is reading from the same script like the government and authorities do in all the fake shootings.

Whoever coded this story spent a lot of time contriving this ridiculous story that makes zero sense. They know multiple gematria ciphers.

I've been decoding this ongoing fake news story since the start.

How many times does the husband or in this story the fiance murder his spouse?

There is a lot of overlap with the same numbers in multiple ciphers.

Media says he was arrested for murder at 7 AM in Colorado.....The 38, 79, and 83 are used throughout the story.

Gematria numbers: 33, 38, 44, 71, 79, 83, 88, 107, 191, 220

Lots to cover in this story that is getting national media attention


Matches the date numerology

First name of the lady who wrote this story for 9 fake news

First name of the "killer"

Federal authorities have been on

As I covered in previous posts, this contrived story is connected to the Ute Pass Masonic Lodge #188

Now police are searching for a "dead body"

If I spent a little more time researching this story, I could probably predict the day when police "find the remains"


The murder hoax code in the 38th state

Remember that murder, death, killing, RIP all equal 38.....and 83 is the reflection of 38

Perhaps the cops find Kelsey's dead body on that 35 acre property the media keeps emphasizing

He was arrested at 7 AM on murder charges without a dead body eh......

Gematria is a Jewish and Masonic practice

Really have to love the great and honorable Ute Pass Masons

Now the focus of the story is the "young Mom" and her Mom "Cheryl" doing a terrible acting job hoping the public can bring Kelsey home safe, in this pathetic media spectacle


Double date numerology for this fictional murder case


Too many matches here to be a coincidence......Synced up nicely with the Jesuits

As I was compiling the information for this blog post, 9 news added an article to their website. "A timeline of events"

Almost always the author of the article matches the gematria of the story, this time it was Caitlin Hendee

What about timeline.....matches the murder code of 38

And it just keeps going, quite sick actually

Time for "Cheryl" the terrible actor who plays Kelsey's Mom in this stupid story to start soliciting money from strangers.

Watched some of the press conferences....Cheryl can't even remember her 5 lines she has to read from a note sheet at the podium.

Set up those gofundme and facebook donation pages.....send lots of money! Like your not getting paid for this acting gig.


This coding goes way deep

It's all about that 35 acre property where they search for her "remains"

This all on the Winter Solstice

That murder arrest coming at 7 AM.....seems a bit early. But they have to match the gematria perfectly

Jesuit Ritual

The connections to the local masonic lodge are so evident

Will more arrests be made Police Chief? his response:

Because this is a murder for hire situation....

My observation matches the 79:


Lots of overlap between the other numbers......


And the gematria train continues

Matches all the numbers from above


This number tells the story perfectly

Kelsey's Mom has been in the media talking about this contrived story

It was just last week when Police Chief De Young said he hopes Kelsey is alive. But now after the murder arrest, he doens't believe she is alive

Lots of authorities participating in the propaganda

What were those charges again?

What about the county this is all going down?

Come on even the lady who wrote the story for 9news matches


Somebody knows the Francis Bacon ciphers.....


Good God, so much obvious gematria coding

All about that 35 acre Florissant property authorities have been searching and they have to recover the dead body

Obvious fake death story

Some additional gematria

113 = mainstream, dishonest, not true, bull shit

Patrick was formally read the charges at 3:30, great time for this


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