Planned Parenthood, Colorado Springs, Black Friday

November 27, 2015

Gematria Numbers: 33, 38, 53

This shooting happened exactly 28 days after the downtown CO springs rampage. This just so happened to be a the same time when US Congress was debating gun control and funding for planned parenthood. As the script went Robert Lewis Dear killed 3 and injured 9 others when he took hostages inside a planned parenthood.

This investigation was handled by the El Paso County Sheriffs Office (EPCSO)


Masonry, Secrecy, false flag all equal 33 in reduction gematria

Robert was the "lone wolf" terrorist


Colorado is 38th state, the Centennial state. Shooting happened on the 38 North parallel.

Same old....murder, death, and killing equal 38 in gematria.

Shooting started at 11:38 AM

Date Numerology of 38

A shootout occurred with police and neighboring businesses had to be put on lockdown.

83, the reflection of 38


Government, authority, and contrived all equal 47 in gematria. In this script Robert used an AK-47 rifle. Happening in El Paso County on Black Friday.


Date Numerology

Happened on Centennial BLVD and Robert was deemed incompetent to stand trial.

35, the reflection of 52

Story is all about abortion rights

Happened in 2015


See page 410 of Zach's Letters and Numbers book for deeper insight into the gematria