Platte Canyon HS Shooting

September 27, 2006

Gematria Numbers: 26, 27, 36, 45, 47

This contrived story takes place in Platte Canyon High School. Duane Morrison, 53 years old allegedly takes females hostage thenĀ  sexually assaults them. He eventually releases 4 girls, shortly after police storm the room. Duane shoots and kills Emily Keyes before turning the gun on himself.

Park County Sheriff Office (PCSO) was first on the scene.

26 - Very important number in gematria

Date Numerology matches the gematria of the script

Also happened in 2006 and all went down in room 206


Happened in Park County, Emily is the girl who died. Duane happened to be wearing a hoody.

PCHS mascot is the Huskey.


Happened on the 270th day of the year

This shooting left two dead in Bailey, CO.

Interesting how 2 of those words have gematria of 36 as well.

Date Numerology of 36

Bailey, CO is in the mountains.


Sandra Smith was the teacher of the honors english class. Story involves six girls who were fake hostages in Park County.

74 is the reflection of 47

Duane had a list of female students, although he had no connections to the school or town of Bailey.....sure ok.

47 - Wouldn't be a good false flag if they didn't include some 47 gematria.

Duane had a yellow jeep, cops used explosives to breach the English classroom. He shot a hostage. Students were taken to Deer Creek Elementary. A code white was announced on the school's intercom....story is about sexual assault, semen has a white color.

Some 33 gematria

Platte Canyon is off Highway 285


Police, masonry, secrecy, and gunshots all equal 33 in Full Reduction.

He used a handgun in Room 206

Someone made a documentary called Room 206. Check out about 12:30 into the video.

The PCSO just happened to run an active shooter drill involving hostages a month earlier. Ha ha ha, lol.

Vimeo Room 206 Video

The fake shootings are all about the media coverage.

Another drill passed off as real news.

Other strange stuff

  • Connections to Columbine (columbine to canyon ride)
  • Guns found in random places outside of school....lmao
  • JCSO involvement