Political sign in Summit County vandalized

October 21, 2018

Some fake news out of Summit County today.

A plastic re-election sign hanging on a fence was vandalized with spray painted hate symbols.

Gematria numbers: 68, 69, 71, 113



First check out what time this story was updated on 9News.

6:08, looks a lot like 68

The crime happened on a date with 68 numerology

A lot of matching gematria

Happened in Summit County right off Highway 9

The hateful symbols were spray painted (all matching in Reverse reduction)

The sign said "re-elect"

The crime went down on Saturday but wasn't reported in the fake news until Sunday, a date with 69 numerology


It's Sheriff Fitzsimons trying to get reelected

Remember this story out of Breckenridge off Highway 9 and a big part of the story is the reward being offered.

Who is Fitzsimons running against, it's Woodman. He is quoted as saying he is "disappointed"


This story coming on the day with 71 days remaining in the year

Story about Sheriff Fitzsimons about a sign being vandalized and the reward being offered that leads to an arrest.....

The sign was at a location near "Farmer's Korner"


A number we see frequently in the fake news

Mainstream, Dishonest, Bullshit, Illusion all equal 113

It was a swastika painted on the sign

The DA and the FBI are investigating

Is this a joke?

FBI has nothing more important to work on than a vandalized sign.....

Link to the story on 9 fake news

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