Pueblo homeowner holds burglary suspect at gunpoint

September 20, 2018

One of the top stories on the 9 Fake news website is about a burglary gun awry when the suspect grabbed the wrong set of car keys. So he asked the homeowner for the correct set, homeowner was having none of this, grabbing his firearm and holding the suspect at gunpoint until the boys in blue could arrive.

Gematria numbers: 29, 34, 35, 43, 53


Double date numerology of 29

Gematria of the time and location of crime matches nicely....

Perfect time to run a drill, no one is awake, few other "real" crimes taking place.


Mata is 34 years old

35 and 53

Mata tried to steal a car in Pueblo on a Thursday...Pueblo police arrived on the scene shortly thereafter

53 - reflection of 35

Bobbi is the person who wrote this story for 9 fake news, Pueblo is known as "steel city"


Which is the 14th prime number, this attempted burglary occurred on 14th street

Date numerology of 38 as well

Thedenverchannel.com can't even get their fake news stories correct. They use the correct name Mata the first two times mentioned, then for some reason spell it Meta the next two times.

Come on 7 fake news, edit and proofread, stick to the script guys....




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