Rockies lose game #163 to Dodgers

October 1, 2018

Playing for the NL West title, the Rockies fall to the Dodgers by the score of 2 to 5.

This was game #163 to decide the winner of the National League West division.

Interesting how this is the 2nd time the Rockies have played in the 163rd game. They won an epic 13 inning game back in 2007.

Some of the rules have changed since then:

  • Catchers are no longer allowed to block the plate
  • Managers can ask for a replay review
  • There are now 2 wild card teams

Funny how Colorado Rockies equals 163, which is the 38th prime number.

German Marquez was the losing pitcher

Colorado is the 38th state with the 38 degree parallel running right through the box shaped state.

This was on date with numerology of 11.

10/1 can also be recognized in numerology as 11. The Rockies are now 1-1 in game #163.

Funny how this game was played 11 years to the exact day as that epic game back in 2007.

Rockies will play the Cubs in Chicago on October 2nd for the Wild Card.

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