Roosevelt HS Student Walk Out

December 4, 2018

Big news story by the numbers out of the 303 today.

Students at Roosevelt High School were evacuated after a bomb threat. The tip came from a Safe2Tell report. The boys in blue were already on scene because of a planned walk out in protest of  teacher.

Gematria Numbers: 27, 47, 58, 104

This story is synced up with the date numerology of FDR.

His Birthday was January 30th, which is a a span of 10 months and 4 days to today's date of December 4th.

Roosevelt HS is named after FDR

Today's scripted story is all about a bomb threat at a High School


Today leaves 27 days remaining in the year

Using the initials for the former president and the name of the high school, they both equal 27


The lady who wrote the story for 9 news matches the 47 gematria

Roosevelt HS is in Weld County


Story is loaded with matching 58 reverse reduction gematria

Story is also about the walk out in support of a teacher, Nelson Garcia also contributed his 58 name gematria to the story.

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