Sex in the headlines

September 24, 2018

All about sex in the headlines for 9 fake news. Look at the screen shot from the 9 news website, 5 stories are about sex. Funny how one of the other headlines is about guns....go figure, a story about guns in the state with the most mass shootings.


Date numerology


Main story out of Colorado is about the largest settlement on record for a sexual assault case. Brian Vasquez the former middle school teacher that sexually abused 5 girls.

Biggest issue with this headline is that actually taxpayers will have to pay 9.5 million dollars and the insurance company for CCSD will pay the other 2 million. Now the "victims" will receive about 2 million each....hmmm ok.


Perfect date numerology for a fake story involving sex and a teacher

First victim was assaulted in 2013



Government, authority, contrived equal 47 in gematria

Of course all of this according to the Grand Jury

Thank God for the integrity of this Grand Jury.....


Another headline is about the killer who confessed to an unsolved murder of a jogger that happened 4 years ago. The Colorado connection is how William Leverett was charaged with sexual assault "three years earlier" in Colorado Springs.

Who gives a shit?

How and why is this news?

Anytime the media emphasizes a quote from the "killer" it always matches the gematria of the story. He killed a women because she was out of his league, he got angry and stabbed her to death.

The date of the murder has numerology of 38

Murder, death, killing and RIP all equal 38

I wish the news told us the time of this murder. She was jogging at night, probably at like 2 AM. Perfect time to stage a fake murder.

Special thanks to the boys in blue who did absolutely nothing for 4 years. Then miracle from God, Leverett confessed on a Sunday in church....what a great guy.

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