Stanford Wins NCAA Volleyball Title

In a tribute to Jesus and the Jesuit Order. Stanford University wins the Women's Volleyball National Championship.

In the year 2018


On a date with 38 numerology

This was their 8th title in school history

Their best player has the first name of:


Kathryn went to Aliso Viejo HS and led the team in kills


This gematria tells the whole story


In rigged college sports championships, I like to research the seeding.

This was the 7 seed losing to the 1 seed and a tribute to Jesus

Their top player was born in:

Nebraska and Stanford have won the last 4 NCAA titles

The final match was played here:

Jesus is known as the:

In light of the Target Center being located on the 93 degree West


Although not a Jesuit University, this was a tribute to the popular religious order