STEM School Shooting

Another hoax shooting in the 303.

Douglas County, Colorado

Use common sense

Photo: Douglas County Press


  • What about this photo makes any sense?
  • Paramedics in Kevlar vests and bullet-proof helmets
  • Paramedic leaning on stretcher, they look like they are in a real hurry to rescue shooting victims
  • 2 Ambulances, blocked in by random cars

Gematria numbers: 33, 40, 94, 187, 303

33 and 303

Masonry, Secrecy, Police, Denver (JR), Colorado (JR) all equal 33

The student who was fake killed

Leave out his middle name


Probably more to be uncovered, but nice matches of 51

What are they practicing for?

 40 and 94

The two shooters last names sync up nicely with Columbine

Notice the 187 homicide code

Just more evidence of a drill:

  • Only school in the district with a direct link to DCSO
  • 79 vehicles, 148 people for one person killed
  • I've documented this before in other shootings, even the memorial services and aftermath continue to match the code
  • 7PM on the 9th
  • There is a lot of matches for the number 39 as well
  • 1 Dead and 8 injured like the person who "died" was 18

Just like at the media coverage, just an obvious active shooter drill

43 photos huh? Like Killing and Training equal 43

A bunch of cops standing around doing nothing, they know it's a drill

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