Thornton Walmart shooter takes plea deal

October 11, 2018

One of the top stories out of the 303 today is about alleged Walmart shooter, Scott Ostrem takes plea deal and avoids death penalty.

Date numerology matches the gematria of this fake story perfectly

Story is all about Scott taking plea deal and avoiding death penalty

This story coming on 283rd day of the year, which is the 61st prime number


Kevin is the man from 9fakenews who wrote up this story

This story coming on the day leaving 82 days remaining in 2018


It took Scott 21 seconds to open fire inside a Walmart and kill three strangers....

47 and 74 gematria that matches nicely

Shooting happened last November inside a Thornton, CO Walmart

74 the reflection

Kevin Vaughan wrote this story

Never a motive or explanation

Dave Young is the Adams County DA

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