Thornton Walmart Shooting

November 1, 2017

Gematria numbers: 22, 33, 41, 47, 49

Another fake shooting put on by the Police and masonic controls in Government.

This story is about Scott Ostrem a 47 year old man who walked into a suburban Denver Walmart store, shot three people, then fled the scene. He was captured the next morning.

Date numerology and life lesson number of 22. All three shooting victims were Latino.

Also has date numerology of 49, the media describes him as nonchalantly walking into the Walmart.

Scott Ostrem was arrested a total of 14 times. This Walmart shooting occurred 14 days after the Sunstone Apartment shooting. Where 41 is the reflection of 14.

Thornton Police Department (TPD) handled this fake shooting.

As for the 41 Gematria

Ostrem dealt with mental health problems and had filed bankruptcy. It was a phone call that led to his arrest.

Also he had a debt of $58,000

The last time Ostrem was arrested was in 2013.


Also worth noting the city is named after the 33rd Governor of Colorado, Daniel I. J. Thornton. The police department is on Civic Center Drive. C is the 3rd letter. For another 33.


This active shooter drill passed off as real news happened at a Colorado Walmart.

He fled the scene in a red mitsubishi mirage. Colorado is the Spanish adjective for red.

Mirage like something without substance or reality.

Of course they have to get the 47 gematria into the script.

Scott Ostrem was 47 years old....

All three people that died were Hispanic.

Also his neighbors said that he "cursed at them"

Notice the lack of paramedics and ambulances. I see one parked in the back corner of the lot. I'm sure these heavily armed cops love helping a disabled man out of the parking lot...

A bunch of cops standing around doing absolutely nothing. Notice how in all the fake shootings the entire police force for that city or county instantly appears in full gear with all the armored vehicles and mobile command centers.