YWAM and New Life Shooting

December 9, 2007

Gematria Numbers: 21, 38, 48, 51, 55

Matthew Murray opened fire at the Youth with a mission training center in Arvada, Colorado killing 2. He then escaped, eluded police and somehow made it all the way down to Colorado Springs and killed 2 more people at the New Life church before being shot and killed by a member of the church's safety team.


Double date numerology

Perfect date for another fake tragedy this time spanning two cities.


Same old....Murder, death, killing all equal 38 in gematria.

Shooting started in Arvada, CO ended at the New Life church,  and resulted in four people getting shot to death (not including the shooter).


Shooting in Colorado Springs was stopped by Jeanne Assam when she wounded the alleged shooter in the parking lot.


Jeanne was part of the security team at the megachurch in CO springs. The shooting happened in the parking lot as church was getting out.


Jeanne was a former cop, the shooting left the Works sisters dead from gunshot wounds.

74, the reflection of 47 (very important to the Kabal and freemasonry)

Like many other fake shootings, multiple law enforcement groups are called in immediately.

Better call in the army, national guard, DHS, and DEA even though it doesn't concern them. Colorado Springs Police has the staff and resources to handle a case like this, why all the propaganda.


Also worth mentioning the shooting in CO Springs started at 12:30 PM.

The song Murder by numbers, 1,2, 3 by the Police....

This fake shooting left two sisters dead

Thank God and praise Jesus Jeanne Assam stopped the shooting. I hope to God the Works sisters are judged by God according to their "good works".